Happy Holidays 2005 Google Doodles

Holiday fun from Google is always reflected through their Holiday doodles. Holiday Doodles of year 2005 was a true reflection of this. In this year Google included a series of Happy Holidays 2005 Google Doodle in it which reflects the fun and joy of holiday season all around the world. This year 5 doodles where published on the homepage of Google for the holiday season. From 20th December itself Google started its holiday wishes to the world. This year Google included the cat and mouse play in the doodle. In each and every doodle we can see the picture of cat and mouse engaged in a series of holiday works.

Happy Holidays 2005 Google Doodles
Happy Holidays 2005-Google Doodle (December 20, 2005)

Happy Holidays 2005 Google Doodles (Dec 20, 2005)

The first doodle in the series appeared on the Google home page on 20th December. It was a pretty simple doodle with a picture of mouse in the tail of Google logo letter ‘g’. It was designed with as if mouse is opening the door and analyzing the situation outside his house.

The entire series of doodle was designed with a comic touch. Cat mouse fight and friendship was taken as the theme for the doodle by the designer. There was nothing more in the doodle rather than the picture of mouse opening the door. It indirectly symbolizes the opening of doors of every houses to start the holiday celebrations.

Happy Holidays 2005 Google Doodles (Dec 21, 2005)

On 21stDecember the second doodle of the holiday series came on the Google homepage. It included an additional member other than mouse. Yes, the born enemy of mouse ‘the cat’.

Happy Holidays 2005-Google Doodle (Dec 21, 2005)

In the doodle we can see that mouse come out house after completely studying the situations outside to start the lighting decorations with the light. Now cat came there with an electric cord as if he want to help him. The picture of cat is included with the Google alphabet ‘l’ and ‘e’ in the doodle. When two of our loving cartoon characters in in the picture it gave live to the doodle.

Holiday season is the best time to forgive and forget the past and to start a new life with friends and family. When the two enemies came together for celebration the message of the time became more clear and open.

Happy Holidays 2005 Google Doodles(Dec 22, 2005)

On the third doodle of the series we can see the combined effort of cat and mouse to make the task a success. Cat is holding the electric cord and mouse is trying to extend the extension of light socket to the plug. The dedication and enthusiasm for the holiday celebrations is reflected in the picture.

Happy Holidays 2005-Google Doodle (Dec 22, 2005)

Here doodle designer have adopted the concept of cat mouse friendship in the doodle. Tom and Jerry concept of cat mouse relation is seen in the entire series of happy holiday doodle. Just see how dedicated they are with the work for the holiday season.

It’s quite common that everyone decorating house with colorful decorative lights and other beautiful martials. This concept of holiday programs are indirectly pictured with the comic theme in the holiday doodles of 2005.

Happy Holidays 2005 Google Doodles (Dec 23, 2005)

Forth doodle of the series was published on 23rd of December in the homepage. It seems that earlier effort of cat and mouse was a failure and now they are in the work to make it correct.

Happy Holidays 2005-Google Doodle (Dec 23, 2005)

In the doodle we can see many additional equipment’s to make the task of lighting much better. Spanner, took kit, hammer which are common in making the decorative work places are included to add naturalist feel for the doodle

Here we can see the mouse working with hammer and cat taking care of the pending work. Cat is waiting for his friend to continue with the work. The entire doodle is given a comic and funny touch by the designer.

Happy Holidays 2005 Google Doodles(Dec 24, 2005)

The last doodle of the Happy Holiday was published on the home page on 24th December. 24th of the month is the peak day of holiday season as it’s the day before the Christmas. We can see people rushing all around on this day busy with their shopping and other works.

All the holiday works will get an end by that time and the celebration start with a new spark on that day. Midnight mass, light decorations, starts, and sweets everything makes these days bright and beautiful.

Happy Holidays 2005-Google Doodle (Dec 24, 2005)

The brightness of the day is also seen in the Google doodle. Now the doodle is shining with colors. It seems that the work of the mouse and cat ended successfully. To give a little more comic look and to make the viewer’s smile by seeing the doodle designer have also included the picture of cat and mouse in the running wheel.  Simple innocent cat mouse fight is seen in the doodle.

All these five doodle on the holiday season by Google was simply designed to wish the world the happiness and joy of the season. There is no much complicated and crowded design in the doodle. It is the simplicity that we can see in the doodle that make it beautiful.

The designer of the doodle have succeeded in coming up with a series of holiday doodle which can equally liken by the children as well as adults.  Doodle designer may have understood the mind of common man who likes to enjoy small things that happen around them and included the concept of this beautiful cat mouse relationship in the doodle.

The way Google wished the world for this season with the doodle series seemed to be simple yet beautiful. Doodle is the Google’s unique style in making people aware about the specialty of a day or wishing them for festivals and other common celebrations. This holiday doodles that was published on the Google homepage globally was also a part of this effort by Google. Google had come up with their Holiday doodles from the year 1999, the very second year after Google introducing the concept of doodles.