Happy Holiday doodle 1999 on Christmas Day

Happy Holiday doodle 1999 released by Google on dec 25, 1999 to share the joy and happiness of Christmas season. Happy Holiday is the word commonly used instead of the Merry Christmas .It was a simple and attractive doodle .The basic idea behind the theme of Happy Holiday doodle 1999 was to spread and happiness and joy of this holiday season.

Happy Holiday doodle 1999 by Google
Happy Holidays from Google (December 25, 1999)

The doodle was released all around the world. It consisted of a beautiful picture of snow land, a snow man with scarf and earmuff, snow fallen mountains and snowflakes.

Happy Holiday doodle 1999 on December 25thhas got a deep relation with the Christmas. While thinking about Christmas the picture that comes to our mind is a crib with fallen snow on the roof, a pair of rain deer’s pulling and aside Christmas trees on which snowdrops falling down. Everything is linked with the snow. So we can tell that it is quite relevant to add a doodle which includes snow and snow fallen mountains on the home page in this day to share the importance and message of the day.

Happy Holiday doodle 1999 on Google homepage
Happy Holidays
( Image Credit :livinginayr.ca)

While focusing on the title given by Google for this doodle ’Happy Holiday’it’s goes hand in hand with the season. As we all know Christmas season is a holiday season.

We can see a snowman wearing scarf, earmuff and a snow cap in the doodle. It gives a funny touch to the doodle. But at the same time it is an unavoidable sight in the snow covered regions .The way the doodle designer designed the Happy Holiday doodle 1999 is very interesting .It included all the small and simple things which gives freshness and chill to the viewer .

We can see small stars here and there in the doodle. The letter ‘G’ in the doodle is partially covered with snow. We can also see a picture of Snow Mountain which covers all other letters in the logo .All together doodle gives out a chilling and cool feel to our heart. As mentioned in the title doodle reflects the good wishes of holiday season in every aspect.