Political Theorist Hannah Arendt remembered with Google Doodle on 14 October

Google logo on various countries changed on 14 October to mark 108th Birthday of German American political theorist Hannah Arendt.In Google Australia homepage, search giant dedicated a doodle for writer Miles Franklin’s 135th Birthday.

Hannah Arendt Google Doodle on 14 October
Hannah Arendt Google Doodle(October 14, 2014)

Works of Hannah Arendt announces her concept and thoughts on politics and political activities. Arendt, rather than knowing to be a philosopher she labeled herself as a political theorist.Google doodle for Arendt includes her image at center , sketched as if she is in preparation for work, holding a pen in one hand and paper in other hand.

Clicking Google Doodle, search page for Hannah Arendt will be listed up. Its for 24 hours Hannah Arendt’s doodle will be present on Google homepage of selected countries.

Arendt was one of the most influential political writer of her time. She was born on 14 October 1906. Direct democracy, totalitarianism, modernity everything included in her works. Men in Dark Times, The Human Condition, On Revolution, On Violence, The Origins of Totalitarianism are some of  her works which got great influence among people of the time.The Life of Mind, Arendt died before completing this work, posthumously, the book was published by her assistant.

Hannah Arendt was part of many controversies due to content of her works. One of the main criticism Hannah Arendt faced was for her book Eichmann in Jerusalem published in year 1963. Later, in 2012 making the Eichmann trail as theme a film released in German named Hannah Arendt. Cast and the film got many awards after the release.

Hannah Arendt died on December 4, 1975 at New York. She was recognized with Hannah Arendt Prize, every year. Many places, asteroids, building and schools are renamed to Hannah Arendt’s name in honor to her after the death. Google Doodle to mark the 108th Birthday of this political theorist, honoring her makes Google users know her and her influence on 20th century politics.