Google Marks Hangul Proclamation Day 2014 with Doodle by designer Lie Sang Bong

Google on Thursday is celebrating Hangul Proclamation Day in homepage of South Korea. This Korean holiday to commemorate the creation of Korean writing method is marked with this doodle today.

Hangul Proclamation Day 2014 Google Doodle
Hangul Proclamation Day 2014 Google Doodle(October 9, 2014)

It’s on 9th October Hangul Proclamation Day celebration takes place in South Korea. The date vary in North Korean celebration, North Korea celebrate Hangul Day on 15th January.

Google Doodle for this South Korean Hangul day celebration is designed by Lie Sang Bong, the fashion designer and artist from Korea. You can see, logo of search giant in Hangul writing scheme in the doodle. Other Hangul characters are also present in background of doodle. Doodle will be present for 24 hours in South Korean homepage of Google.

Hangul Day

As per the known history, it was in 1446 Hangul writing system invented, creator of Hangul alphabets is said to King Sejong. Celebration of the Hangul Day began in 1926, about 500 years later. It was Hangul Society observed day in initial years with special programs, Gagyagul Day was mentioned to mark the celebration day during first years of celebration.

In North Korea, Hangul Day is also known by name Choseongul Day. There were issues regarding the proclamation of Hangul Day as official holiday, but now it seems all issues have settled down, in 2013 government issued it as legal holiday.

Now, as time passed, celebrations of Hangul day have moved to wider level. King Sejong’s 6.2 meter high bronze Statue was unveiled on 2009 Hangul Day. It was as the part of 563rd Hangul Day celebration, Kings statue was erected at Gwanghwamun Plaza, Seoul. Part of Hangul day celebrations also includes visiting Hangul Museum and having seminars of tradition and origin of Hangul alphabets. Google have also published doodles in previous years too for Hangul Day celebrations.

Now writing and learning this Korean language have become more simple. Special Hangul learning apps, games and puzzles playing with this Korean language have hit Google play already.

It’s interesting that a some countries are giving that much importance for the language and i think it should be appreciated,What about You?