Hangul Proclamation Day 2005 Google Doodle

Hangul Proclamation Day is the Korean Alphabetic Day observed in South Korea on October 9th and North Korea on January 15th.  The Hangul Proclamation Day is also known by the name Hangul Day and Choungul Day.

Hangul Proclamation Day 2005 Google Doodle
Hangul Proclamation Day 2005(October 8, 2005)

Google also took part in the Hangul Proclamation Day celebration by a doodle on the home page in South Korea as the main celebrations takes place there on October 9th. Hangul Proclamation Day 2005 Google Doodle  included the Hangul alphabet in the lace of logo letter ‘o’. Hangul alphabet is represented by black color. So the inclusion of this can catch the attraction of the people in a single look. Though only a simple change is made from the original logo it seems to spread the message of specialty of the day in an effective way.

It’s believed that this new alphabets were invented in the year 1447. Sejong Sillok was the man who is related to the invention of this alphabet. He was a powerful king lived in this period in Korea. Hunmin Jeongeom is the document which was published in relation to the proclamation of this new alphabetic series.

Humin Jeongeum Eonhae

There were many days related to the commemoration of this document publication. During earlier times the observance of the day was on October 29th and in some other day on the later years. It was in the year 1926 the first official observance of this day took place. It was the Hangul society which initiated the celebration of the day. On that year it was on 4th November the celebration took place. It was the 480thanniversary of Hangul proclamation the first celebration took place. Till that time there were no wider celebration of the day.

In the year 1940 the original copy of the document Hunmin Jeongeom was found out and according to the written notes in that it was discovered that the original proclamation took place on the 9th month of 1446. It was also understood that the Hangul proclamation took place with in the first ten days of the month. By the accurate study of the document and analysis with the calendar it was found that the 10th day of ninth month in the year 1446 according to the Georgian calendar is October 9th. Since then a legal holiday was declared in South Korea for the commemoration of Hangul proclamation. But due to certain legal issues and discussion the holiday was removed in the year 1991.

Korean people observe the day with great importance though it’s not a legal holiday. Many special programs are organized in South Korea on 8th of October to spread the message of day and to make the young generation respect their language and culture. Without alphabets conversation cannot be carried out and without conversation world will not go on. It’s the alphabets in each language joints the community and bind them together to share and care. As in Korea many other countries also celebrate day to respect the language and land. Celebrations varies from country to country and culture to culture. Observance of this kinds of days make people aware of the need of motherland and protection of its unique traditions and culture.