Halloween Day and Halloween Google Doodles

Spooky Holiday celebration on 31st October is of so much fun, horror and lively activities. Yes, Halloween day is equally enjoyed by adults and children. Here are some fun facts, history,customs and ofcourse, the Halloween Doodles by Google on homepage for Halloween Day celebration.

Halloween DayHalloween Day

Halloween celebrated on 31st October every year have its roots  associated to some Christian religious festival. It’s believed that Halloween Day celebration began in 17th Century.

All Hallow Eve, All Saints Eve is also used instead of Halloween Day. Its the first day of Allhallowetide, the triddum including All Saints Day or All Hallows on November 1 and All Souls Day on November 2. Today, people of all religion and caste celebrate Halloween Day. Also, the day is associated with Pagan Harvest Festivals and some Celtic Festivals.

Halloween shopping and festival preparation begins much earlier in the month. Every were you can see special candy shops, costume shops and sellers aiming Halloween purchasers. Halloween season is one of the most celebrated occasion in the year.

Fun Facts and customs associated to Halloween

  • Halloween Costumes

October is month of Halloween Shopping. Wearing ghostly costumes, making horror and moving around is the best part of Halloween Day. Costume sellers will be pretty happy this month.

Google Trends Halloween Costumes
Google Trends Halloween Costumes

Latest costume trends for Halloween 2014 according to Google Trends includes Elsa, Olaf, Dog Spider, Black Widow, Ninja Turtle, Groot. Usual Pumpkin designs, card board dresses, fruit and vegetable dress designs and this year, Ebola Halloween costume is also ready in shops. So, get ready yourself with a new Halloween costume which makes you noticed in a crowd.

  • Halloween Feast

Halloween feast includes many variety of recipes in dinning table. Innovative housewife’s and chefs gives a Halloween touch to dishes by making them spooky. Finger burgers, black and red candy apples, brain popcorn are some among the wide list of innovative dishes came out for the day in previous years.Pumpkin seed dishes, drinks, spider cup cakes, Halloween candies also includes the cuisine for the day.

  • Trick or Treating 

Trick or Treating, the traditional custom followed by children on Halloween Day, they go house to house saying Trick or Treating and receive chocolates and gifts. Its common that house owners preparing special gifts and dishes for children coming for treating. If any one refuse to give treat, kids will do some mischief and leave the home.

UNICEF have program to help children ‘ Trick or Treating UNICEF’,the program is a grand success.The program started in 1950’s.

  • Halloween Fear

If you have fear of Halloween and ghostly figures moving around in Halloween costumes. You are not alone. Samhainophobia, its the fear of Halloween.

  • Halloween Special customs

Seeing Halloween movies, participating in scary ritual, playing Halloween games and praying for souls are some other programs of the day. Any ways, Halloween highest grossing commercial holiday, were first goes for Christmas.

Other interesting fact is that, more candies and chocolates will be sold for Halloween every year, yes more than Valentines Day celebration. Jack O’Lanterns, the carved and lighted pumpkins are very common.

Halloween Google Doodles

Google famous logo change Google Doodles on Halloween Day are very famous. Creating special doodles for celebration of the day in 1999. Since 1999, there came animated, interactive and non interactive doodles every year for celebrating Halloween.

Halloween Day Google Doodles
Halloween Google Doodle

Initially, it was a carved pumpkins the main highlight of the doodle, Jack O Lantern. Skeletons, bats, dark night, ghosts became the theme of doodle design in the following years. It was in 2011, first animated doodle came for Halloween Day. A ghostly castle was designed in doodle. Following to that, in 2013 doodle, Google included a interactive version with a witch preparing for Halloween. It was the most spooky an scar doodle for the Halloween.

Halloween 2014 is on Friday, October 31. Hope that we can see a super scary Google doodle for  Halloween 2014.