Halloween Day 2007 Google Doodle

Google’s Halloween special doodle was published on Halloween Day of 2007 that is on October 31st. This day is always celebrated by Google with special doodles on the home page. Google doodle on this day includes the picture of ghosts, scary things and dark images in it to make it perfect for the theme of day.

Halloween Day 2007 Google Doodle
Halloween Day 2007 (Oct 31, 2007)

Celebration of Halloween day was started long before. There are many stories behind the celebration of day. Special customs are followed in this day all over. In that the most commonly seen custom is that people wearing special costumes of ghosts, film starts and other funny things and roaming. It’s a day completely dedicated for fun and celebration.

There is no age limit for the celebration of Halloween programs. People of all age celebrate it despite of age. It’s the children who take the full advantage of the day. They start the celebrations from the morning itself. There is a custom of children going to nearby houses in Halloween costumes asking Ticker or Treat. If the reply for them is treat, they will enjoy the treat from the house owner otherwise they will do some mischief and leave the house.

Main celebrations on the day takes place in the western countries. Many special games takes place in western countries on the day. Among the games apple bobbing is famous all over for the fun making on Halloween Day. There are many special kind of Apple dishes prepared for the celebration of Halloween festival including apple cake, apple deserts and apple wine.

Apart from apple dishes there are other special dishes also seen for the celebration of the day. Pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin seed are some common dishes prepared on the day. We can also see Jack O Lantern on every house on Halloween Day. It special type of light made by carving pumpkin in to different shapes and putting lights on in it.

Halloween[Image Credit :imnj]
Since 16th century people celebrated Halloween Day. During the initial period the Halloween celebrations were associated with harvest festival. When years passed the celebration started to take place on October 31st that is on the day just before all souls day. It’s Christians in western countries who started celebrating the day with great importance. Now we can see celebrations taking place all over the world on this day.

Google doodle on Halloween day of 2007 was also similarly good as we can see in all other years. It also included many figures and images to celebrate. To give a scary feel for the doodle it was designed with dark shades. The replacement of Google logo letter ‘l’ with staircase added beauty to Halloween Day 2007 Google Doodle . Each and every logo letter is included with special design in it. The Google doodle on the day is different and beautiful as it is. It conveyed the message of the day clearly.