Happy Halloween 2014 says Google Doodle

Hope your Halloween  2014 Party is all set. Wishing Happy Halloween 2014, Google is ready for Halloween blast with the series of spooky doodles on homepage.Google Doodle on 31st October, For Halloween will be visible in selected countries .Unsurprisingly, its animated too.

Halloween 2014 Google Doodle
Halloween 2014 Google Doodle(October 31, 2014)

Happy Halloween, says Google Doodle to you.This time, its not one doodles, Google is ready with the series of Doodles. Clicking on Doodles, you can get search page for Halloween.

In one of the doodle, there you can see a ghostly white figure running behind and man, in next doodle a witch busy in cooking is included,  fox threatening Google logo alphabets featured comically is too cute , Black crows sitting near a ghost like figure is the next among the Halloween series. It  also includes, laughing Jack O Lantern and ghost like figures playing games in Halloween 2014 Google Doodle.

Now, Google’s famous logo change, known by Google Doodles is a part of every celebration. Halloween doodles on 31st October was present in Google homepage since 1999.Replacing two logo alphabet o’s with pumpkin, Google decorated the homepage in 1999, for the first time to celebrate Halloween.  It was from 2011, Google Halloween doodles started getting animated.

Halloween 2014
Halloween 2014

What makes Halloween Special?

Though history of Halloween Day celebrations points to the catholic custom and ritual associating AllHallowtide, today Halloween Day is the most celebrated festival everywhere in world. It’s the special customs, rituals and beliefs for the day makes its special.

I was surprised, when came to see reports that Halloween is the occasion in a year when the largest chocolate sales takes place, much more than  Valentine’s Day celebration. It’s cool,right? Kids busy in Trick or Treating shout may get as many candies and chocolates they want.Preparing for the Halloween with new costume designs and makeups is the biggest task of the day.

Halloween Google Doodle
Halloween Google Doodle

As per the search result reports, the most famous icons for Halloween 2014 are Frozen characters Elsa, Olaf and Anna, Groot and Dog Spiders costumes are also popular now.Let’s see today, What will be 2014 Halloween Costumes highlight?

Halloween Feast including many spooky dishes in dinning table is the next specialty of day. Finger burgers, spider cup cakes and special pumpkin dishes are very common for Halloween.Celebration of Halloween Day lasts till midnight including games, watching horror movies and Jack O Lantern carving competitions.

If you have Samhainophobia, the Halloween Fear, then take the doodle for Halloween 2014 as a reminder and don’t go out, there may be ghost moving around.

Happy Halloween 2014. Enjoy and Have fun.