Spooky Halloween 2006 Google Doodle

Halloween is mostly observed in western countries as a feast day of western Christian saints. It is celebrated on October 31st and has similarity with a traditional festival called ancient Celtic festival of Samhain.

Halloween 2006 Google Doodle
Halloween 2006 Google Doodle (October 30, 2006)

The festival is also called as All Hollow’s Eve or Halloween Eve. Some special customs are followed as per western culture on this Halloween day like (tick – or- treating), lighting bonfires, going haunted attractions , going costume parties, making jack-o’-lanterns from pumpkins.

The word ‘Halloween’ was first used in 19th century. Halloween Google doodles are always scary because the festival itself associated with horror and darkness. Halloween is a holiday which is celebrated with full of mystery, magic and superstition.

Google in this year also released a Halloween 2006 Google Doodle on October 30th. At first look itself it giving that horror mood. It seems that it describes something associated with mystery.

Halloween 2006 Google Doodle describes the night before Halloween, the cold dark night before the Halloween is considered as the symbol of death. People believes that during this night the ghost of the dead returned to earth and the boundary between death and living disappears. So here the Halloween doodle also designed as such it narrates all the traditional concepts behind the festival.

Halloween Party
Halloween Party [Image Credit : blog.passion-for-parties.com]
The meaning of Halloween is the night before Hollow’s Day. As I previously mentioned it has some similarity and traditional root that matches to the festival called Samhain. It has also similarity to harvest festival.

In 18th century Pope Gregory III decided to dedicate November 1 for all saints as a part of honoring all the saints. As all Saint’s feast day Halloween also inherited some customs of the old Samhain festival.

Halloween is celebrated as Secular holiday in some countries. The people believes that the ghosts will destroy their crops in the night before Halloween Day but it will help them to predict future. So this festival and some traditional believes are considered as a source of prediction.

Halloween is widely celebrated in Maryland and only limited celebration can be observed in America. People give food for the poor people and as a gratitude to this they pray for the soul of dead peoples in the family on this occasion. Now a days Halloween is celebrated with more joy and cheer compared to traditional celebration.

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