Halloween 2005 Google Doodle

Google decorated its homepage with a Halloween special doodle on 30th of October on 2005. From the early times itself Google decorates it homepage with special doodle on this day. Halloween Day celebrations starts on the evening of 30th October and reach at the full grade on 31st of October.

Halloween 2005 Google Doodle
Halloween 2005(October 30, 2005)

Google always tries to give scary outlook for the doodle with the design alternatives. Ghosts, Jack O Lantern, fox are commonly included on the Halloween special doodles every year. This year also the criteria was not different. Google included picture of Ghost, bats hanging and Jack O Lantern in the Halloween 2005 Google Doodle.

Celebration of Halloween Day started in the 16th century. In the initial years the Halloween Day celebrations were associated to the harvest festival. When years passed many new meanings and customs were arise for celebrating Halloween Day. Christian special days like all saints day and all souls day is also linked with the celebration of Halloween Day. It’s on the very next days of Halloween that is on 1st and 2ndNovember Christians observe this festival. So in western countries Christians observe the day with great importance.

Halloween Images
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On Halloween Day many special customs are observed in the country. People wear special dresses which include the picture of evil spirits, ghosts and devils and go through the streets on this day. Many special games are played in this days including apple bobbing and storytelling. Halloween Day actually refers to a scary day. All places in the countries which celebrate Halloween day will be overflowing with people dressed in special Halloween costumes including masks and evil sticks.

Jack O Lantern is the other specialty of the day. Jack O Lantern is a special type of pumpkin decorate with lights inside. Jack O Lantern will be a common thing on the houses of western countries on this day. For making Jack O Lantern pumpkins will be carved inside and flesh in the inner part will be removed in special designs and light with different colors or candles will be lit inside this.

Another common scene of the day is children playing Ticker or treat. That is on this day children will walk in Halloween special dresses on neighborhood houses asking ticker or treat. If the reply is treat then they will receive the treat or else if it’s tickers they will perform some mischief activities on the property of that land owner.

Special dishes are prepared on houses on this day to make the feasting delicious by the mothers of homes. Pumpkin pie and roasted pumpkin seed are common in every houses on this day. Apple cake and other special juices and apple sweets are also prepared on this day. Markets and malls will be crowded with people on his day.  Special musical parties and competitions are arranged in restaurants and shopping malls to make the celebration of the day colorful.

Google doodle seen on the home page also included many things to announce the special observance and customs on the Halloween Day. The way designer wrote the Google logo alphabets in the homepage was really innovative and imaginative. Every year Google comes up with special doodle for the Halloween day celebrations.

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