Halloween 2004 Google Doodle

Halloween is celebrated on October 31 and is mostly observed in some western countries. It is celebrated as a feast for western Christian saints. The Halloween celebration has some similarities and is said to be originated from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain.

Halloween 2004 Google Doodle
Halloween 2004 (October 30, 2004)

Another name of this festival is All Hollow’s Eve or Halloween Eve. As a part of Halloween there are some special customs that are followed as per western culture. Some typical and unseen customs are guising (tick – or- treating), lighting bonfires, going haunted attractions , going costume parties, making jack-o’-lanterns from pumpkins.

Google released a special doodle on the occasion of Halloween 2004 on October 30, 2004. Halloween is a holiday which is celebrated with full of mystery, magic and superstition. There is something that narrates the mystic situation as we see the doodle in first look.

Halloween 2004 Google Doodle  pictured the sunset with full moon. Actually it is the night before Halloween. The cold night before the Halloween is considered as the symbol of death. The people has a believe that during this night the ghost of the dead returned to earth and the boundary between death and living disappears.

Halloween Haunted Maze
[ Image Credit: jessicagreen.com ]
In the Halloween 2004 Google Doodle  included the flying bats, haunted house, black hat and Eye balls are placed as to feel that scary cold night before the Halloween. The 2 ‘o’ s in the Google logo is pictured as 2 scary Eye balls. So all in all doodle narrates the traditional believes behind the Halloween festival. As its name suggests the Halloween means the night before Hollow’s day.

As I mentioned earlier the Halloween has some traditional root and similarities to samhain and has some similarities as the harvest festival. As a part of honoring all saints and martyrs in 18th century Pope Gregory IIIdecided to dedicate November 1 for all saints. As all Saint’s feast day Halloween also inherited some customs of the old Samhain festival.

Halloween is normally celebrated as a secular holiday in which some child-friendly activities like that mentioned earlier are performed as a part of custom. The Celts has the belief that the presence of ghost make the crops damage but helps them to predict the future. So this traditional belief is considered as the source of prediction. The Halloween celebration is observed in limit in America and is commonly celebrated in Maryland. The celebration has some root of old belief and is now attracting many youth people after 1950’s. On the occasion of celebration people give food for the poor people and as a gratitude to this they pray for the soul of dead peoples in the family. Today Halloween is celebrated with lot of joy as compare to traditional celebration. People enjoy the winter night with gatherings, costumes and sweet treats.

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