Halloween 1999 Google Doodle with Jack O Lantern

Google released a special doodle on Halloween day of 1999.Halloween 1999 Google Doodle is a simple and creative work by the doodle designer. Most of the countries celebrate this day in grand way.

Halloween 1999 Google Doodle
Halloween 1999 Google Doodle (October 31, 1999)

The Halloween 1999 Google Doodle on  home  is designed with pictures of Jack ‘o’ Lantern. Jack o Lantern refers to carved pumpkin which is commonly seen in Halloween day all around. The replacement of Google ‘o’ with Jack o Lantern is relevant as it is an unavoidable thing when we think about Halloween 1999 Google Doodle.

The celebrations of the day include the making of jack o lantern, visiting the haunted attraction, Lighting the bonfires, apple bobbing, guising costume parties and divination games.Halloween is also called All Saints Eve, All Hollow’s Eve and Samhain. Halloween day is observed on 31st of October.

Halloween had its origin on 16th century.It is said that this day is primarily influenced by European harvest festival and the day for the dead. It is said that this festival is related to ‘All saints day’ on November 1st and ‘All souls day’ on November 2nd.

On this day both the children and adults go out in different variety of costumes. Mainly adopt costumes on this day that resemble monsters, devils, witches, skeleton and evil. Halloween costume parties occur all around mostly on October 31stor on a day before or after that.

Ticker or treat is another custom related to this festival. On this day children will dress up in Halloween costume and goes from house to house asking for treat. They will ask to house owner ‘Ticker or treat’ to house owners. If the reply is not treating they will perform some mischief with house owner or with their property.

Jack O Lantern
(Image Credit: thehorrorzine.com)

Apple bobbing is the main game which is played on that day. Haunted attractions are organized to scare people. Story competition on ghost and evil are arranged on this day. Special food items are served on the meal table on this day. Candy apples, light fruit cake, barmbrack, pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin seed are some among those.

Jack O lantern, the carved pumpkin is also associated with this Halloween day ,that we can see in Halloween doodle 1999. The name came after the phenomenon the light flickering over peat bogs. This is originated from Ireland.

Halloween day is a national holiday and people celebrate it with great fun and enthusiasm. Both children and adults will enjoy it without age barriers. It’s for the first time Halloween Google Doodle in the year 1999.