Haim Nachman 141st Birthday Google Doodle with theme ‘Bird’s Nest’

Google Israel included a doodle in homepage on 9th January 2014 in tribute the famous poet Haim Nachman. It was Haim’s 141st birthday celebrated by Google with doodle designed in theme of ‘Birds Nest’, Haims famous poetry for children.

Haim Nachman 141st Birthday Google Doodle with theme 'Bird's Nest'
Haim Nachman 141st Birthday Google Doodle with theme ‘Bird’s Nest'(January 9, 2014)

Haim Nachman 141st Birthday Google Doodle, the national poet of Israel is designed featuring forest as a background. Google logo is wrote with black letters in doodle with second ‘o’ replacing Birds Nest with eggs. As mentioned before its the famous kids poem from Haim became the inspiration of design of this Google doodle. Bird, trees, nest in doodle gives a picture of beautiful evening in a forest.

Born on 1873, January 9th, Haim had a misarable childhood after the death of his father at the age of 7. He was taken care by his grandfather after the death of his father. During that time, when he lived with grandfather Haim was given Jewish education and he was explored to the European literature.  This was the starting of his poetic career. Haim then travelled around many places and got educated in various fields.

It was in 1892, the first poem got published by Haim. It was in Odessa, Haim published the poem. The first and famous poetry collection of Haim was published 9 year later at Warsaw. 1890 to 1920 was the period in which most of the poetic works from Haim got birth. In aaddition to 20 poems in Yiddish language, Haim also published a  book during the time. Haim managed to found couple of publishing houses during the same period.

We can see a unique style in his works. This may be the reason for calling him The national poet of Israel. Apart from Yiddish poems he also translated his works to Hebrew language, which later gave a new life for Hebrew language. Now, his poems have been translated to more than 30 languages. Bikilia Award id given annualy by Tel Aviv muncipality as a tribute to Haim. He was died  on 4th July 1934.