Gustaf de Laval 168th Birthday Google doodle

Google honored Gustaf de Laval, the inventor of steam turbines and diary machine on his 168th birthday with a beautiful doodle. He was born in Sweden on May 9th in the year 1845. He took engineering as his career and made many contribution to the world which makes him remembered today also.

Gustaf de Laval 168th Birthday Google doodle Google doodle that is presented on the Google homepage landed in Sweden on his birthday is very colorful with a lot of life. We can see image of a cow, cat and lots of beautiful butterflies in it. The greenish background in which the doodle is designed gives a pleasant feel to it.

Gustaf de Laval
Gustaf de Laval

We also see flowers, grass and girl standing near the cow in Gustaf de Laval 168th Birthday Google doodle . The inclusion of these ingredients makes the doodle perfect for the remembrance of the man who invented milk skimming machine and milk cream separator. Each and every Google logo alphabet is presented in a different style in the doodle.

Logo letter capital ‘G’ is written with model of one of the invention of Gustaf de Laval. Then coming to letters ‘o’ and ‘g’, it’s designed as dots in the body of cow that we can see in the doodle. The letter ‘l’ is replaced by the girl in the Google doodle and the last logo alphabet ‘e’ is wrote with the cow tail.

Gustaf de Laval have shown his caliber in researches and inventions from the childhood itself. He made a small turbine model when he was of the age 10. From then he started his career. It was in the year 1874 his world renowned inventions of milk cream separator and steam turbine took place.

He was man with different attitude. He always gave first preference for his works other than anything else. This attitude made him go to poverty. He always tried to think a step ahead of the present. The way he worked on for his inventions are clear example for it. He was died in the year 1913 February 2nd due to cancer.