Groundhog Day celebration 2000 with Google Doodle

Groundhog’s Day is a cultural celebration to predict the arrival of spring season. Groundhog’s Day is celebrated on 2nd February with doodle . The prediction is made by depending upon the shadow of Groundhog when it comes from its burrow at early morning.

Groundhog Day celebration 2000 with Google Doodle
Groundhog’s Day 2000 (February 2, 2000)

Groundhog Day celebration 2000 with Google Doodle on 22nd February. The doodle itself narrates the custom of celebration. In the Groundhog Day doodle a Groundhog which is coming out of its burrow is pictured there we can see the shadow of Google logo and Groundhog towards the opposite to Groundhog’s visibility.

It is winter season going there and the Groundhog didn’t go back to its burrow. This indicates the early arrival of spring season. The expression from the face of Groundhog itself is a clue of indication of spring season, the season of happiness. There are changes to shadow back in the logo. In usual logo the shadow is not leaned back to this much.

According to the predictions of folklore if the condition of weather is cloudy then the Groundhog emerge from its burrow then it gives the clue of arrival of spring season very soon. If the weather conditions are sunny then the Groundhog will come out of its burrow, sees its shadow and return back to its burrow. This is the indication of late arrival of spring and the winter season will continue for another 6 weeks. In modern custom of celebration people will wait for the arrival of Groundhog from its burrow from early morning. In the early morning session the celebrations starts as a part of Groundhog’s Day.

Statue of groundhog in Wiarton
Statue of groundhog in Wiarton, Ontario
[ Image Credit : Shari Chambers]
In southern Pennsylvania the people celebrate this holiday as social gatherings where food is served, speeches are given, plays and skits are performed to entertain people. They celebrate this holiday with fersommlinge. In that day only the local language can be spoken else fine (penalty) would be paid for it.

Groundhog’s Day is celebrated largely on Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. The celebration had received wide recognition in public eye and its popular tradition is widely accepted by the people as a result of the film Groundhog Day released in 1993. It is said that the celebration had begun in 18th and 19thcenturies.

The custom of celebration was started as Pennsylvania German in southeastern and central Pennsylvania. Its origin is associated in ancient European weather lore where a scared bear instead of Groundhog is the predictor of season.

The Groundhog’s Day celebrations have similarities to other celebrations like Pagan festival celebrated in February and St. Swithun’s Day celebrated in July. Both involve the weather prediction. Alternative origins are there as a part of Groundhog’s Day celebration in western countries. According to this it is said that the custom existing due to the collision of 2 calendric systems.

Whatever may be the history the modern day celebration is associated with the prediction of the arrival of spring season. The celebration is wide reach over the people and almost 40,000 people gathered in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania in the holiday since from the year 1886.