Facebook brings graph search for all US users from today

Many of us started using of Facebook graph search since January. The delay within the public release of this feature restricts many users from hit with it. Today Facebook brings graph search for all US users.

graph search for all Graph search is the first major announcement that made by Facebook in this year. FB graph search allows the users to make a social search within the search. From the announcing time itself Facebook provided a facility for the users to make request for this feature, Such users got this feature within few weeks. Now the social networking giant rolled out graph search for all US users.

Facebook graph search for all US users

Facebook’s 1.2 billion user record itself is the backbone of graph search. Through the graph search Facebook is meant to provide the users a perfect tool which helps to find out the relations and things they care about more easily. Facebook graph search is not at all like the web search. Through this social search you get the results you had already seen with the site. This search helps you to get the informations you searched for much easier than a manual attempt.

The Graph search brings the results from the areas where you have any kind s of connection through Facebook. Whenever you get this feature in your account then a big search bar will appears on the top of the site. It will provide automatic recommendations for you. The graph search mainly highlighted for the areas:

  • People – You can perform searches like ‘people who lived in my city’, ‘friends who lived in San Francisco’, ‘web designers from New York’…Etc.
  • Photos – ‘photos I liked’, ‘photos I commented in’, ‘photos of my friends before 2010’…Ec.
  • Places – ‘tourist spots in New York’, ‘top restaurants in San Francisco’, ‘Theatres nearby’…Etc.
  • Interests – ‘albums liked by my friends’, ‘movies liked by me’, ‘books liked by my friends’…Etc.Facebook graph search

Facebook graph search helps to find out the social things much easier than a manual search. No Facebook users will lose the privacy through this feature as the search brings out only the things you have already seen with the site. Facebook Graph search meant for navigating social connections and to make them more useful.