Grandparents Day Google Doodle 2009 in Poland

Grandparents Day is celebrated with same importance and respect as the Father’s Day and Mother’s Day by the people of Poland. Love of grandparents for their grandchildren were always been more than parents.

Grandparents Day Google Doodle
Grandparents Day Google Doodle (January 21, 2009)

Love and affection of grandparents are something everyone wish to have in the life time. There will a perfect bond between grandparents and children in the family. In Grandparents Day Google Doodle we can see a decorations on logo character ‘o’ to make it the logo apt for the celebration of the day.

There are many countries in the world which celebrated Grandparents Day. Most of them celebrates the day which is convenient for them. As we can see for the other celebration days we can see special programs dedicated for Grandparents, the stars of the day.

On that day children in the family wish their grandparents and give then flowers and gifts to show their respect. As they are aged people, they always look for too much of care and love. By making them happy with all that they want we can make them feel how much we value and care them.

Parents are given to us for our protection of children up to a stage and when children grow up it’s their duty to look after their parents and grandparents who sacrificed all the happiness for they joy and taken care of them in all times of trouble.

Grandparents love
Grandparents love[Image Credit :wminch]
Protection that can be given to a child by the grandparents cannot be given by any others in the world. So in the day dedicated to show the love for grandparents in Poland Google came up with this beautiful Grandparents Day Google Doodle in the home page.

It’s our duty to take care of the older people in the family and make them feel cared and happy as much as we can. Remember that once we will also get old and protect your grandparents with loving and caring hearts. This simple doodle tell us about the importance of the day.