Grandfather’s Day 2014 Poland Google Doodle

After the Grandmother’s Google Doodle, on the very next on 22nd January 2014, search giant is ready with Grandfather’s Day 2014 Poland Google Doodle.

Grandfather's Day 2014 Poland Google Doodle
Grandfather’s Day 2014 Google Doodle(January 22, 2014)

Google Doodle for Grandfather’s day celebration was similar to the Grandmother’s day doodle ,with image of kids pampered by their grandfather. In Google Doodle, sketch of grandfather with two kids is placed  alphabet ‘o’ of the logo. Background pattern, flowers are similar to the doodle of previous day.

Poland started celebrating grandfather’s day from  1960’s along with the grandmother’s day which is celebrated a day before, that is on 21st January. In most of the countries there are special days for grandparents according to their convenience. Programs for celebrating the day also vary from country to country according to the traditions and culture followed.

Google always comes first to celebrate festivals and mark important event with Google Doodle since 1998. Though during initial time there were only few changes in Google logo, now frequently we can see changes in the Google logo on the homepage in various countries.It’s in the year 2011 Google got patent for Google Doodles. As you know images speaks 100 times better that words, Google by these doodle make the impression of the day in the minds of googlers. In my opinion , doodles are best way to convey the message of the day and as usual Google took the correct step since the first burning man doodle in 1998.

As I mentioned before , you can simply see the beauty of grandfather’s relationship with grandchildren in a simple glimpse of the doodle. If you take one more glimpse in the doodle, your heart says, it’s your grandfather’s day so take a step to make him happy. Google’s way of celebration mostly reflects in the doodle they publish. With this two doodles on two consecutive days they wished all grandparents .