Google’s Tribute ‘In the memory of the Delhi Braveheart’ On Google India

For the first time Google featured a candle In the memory of the Delhi Braveheart.  Our new era is said to be providing the equality for men and women. We say that the rights for men and women are same in our society, in our great democracy nation. But all these concepts are only in paper and in practical women suffers lot in men dominated society especially in India.  The recent example of this painful reality occurred when the six accused after a 23 year old girl called Nirbhaya in the capital of India, Delhi. After 13 days long fight for her life and dreams she passed away by making the prayers of a million people in vain.

In the memory of the Delhi Braveheart
Google India Home page In the memory of the Delhi Braveheart (December 31, 2012)

As a tribute to her, Google Doodle features a simple white candle below the search box. This is not yet another fancy doodle but a simple candle which is placed below the search box and when we move the cursor towards it shows as “In memory of the Delhi braveheart”. Lot of people prayed for her life with lighting the candle when she was in hospital fighting for her life.

It was a night on December 16. The girl was a medical student. She was on his way to home after a movie with her friend. She boarded a bus of course the wrong bus, her misfortune. And of course she was a girl!!! Six men were brutally raped her in the moving bus in Delhi on December 16. She was wounded, exposed and naked and no one has shown the kindness of humanity to her. She was taken to the Safdarjung Hospital for treatment. Since from 16thDecember, after taken to the hospital she has gone into coma five times. She suffer severe injure to organs and her intestine has been removed. She was unconscious and situation becomes critical.

 prayer for the girl with lighted candles
People prayer for the girl with lighted candles
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She was taken to Singapore for better treatment after the situation becomes deteriorated. Her heart’s capacity reduced to 50% and normal human has the capacity of 70%. But the medical science failed to recover her from the hands of brutal humanity. The whole nation wakes up with hearing the shocking news that “the girl passed away”. In the Saturday early morning on 29thDecember she gives up after fighting to death for 13 long days. Yes…as her name (Nirbhaya) suggests she were brave and she fight for his life till her last breath.

It is first time Google featured any incident using any objects like this on their home page. The whole world takes part in the sadness of the whole nation. India a nation known for its culture and tradition and considered as an example for others in the case of humanity and culture, had face this shame incident. The girl passed away and thus the culture of the nation. Girl you are not died, you are escaped from this polluted world. Now I commemorate the words said by Mahatma Gandhi, “Freedom is not worth until women of this nation can walk fearless through the streets in the night”.