Google’s offense against Facebook

Recently Google’s Co- Founder and CEO Larry Page made some offensive statements against Facebook about some of their services. Although he doesn’t mentioned about any particular service, but he said that Facebook is doing a really bad job on their products. Here Google’s offense against Facebook in detail

Google’s offense against Facebook

Google co-founder Larry Page mentioned about Facebook in an interview given to technological magazine called wired. Interviewer requested Larry Page to make a comparison between Google search and Facebook graph search.

According to Larry Page Google search and Facebook graph search are entirely different. Google have a vast database called knowledge graph, collection of all words on globe, can bring all sort of results in accordance with user’s searching phrases. Facebook graph search stitches together the contents you have already seen through your account, it have a limit.

Google Now is the biggest example for showing Google’s search strength, will bring you cards from different category automatically like a guide. Also Google Maps explores the world with one click. Facebook graph search have it’s own limitations.

Larry Page also added that it is an irrelevant to think that there is only one space for one company in this crowded fields. He said that when they started everyone said that “You guys are gonna fail, there’s already five search companies.” But they said that they are going to do something different in the field of content search on those days.

Larry Page made offence against Facebook and he also added that there is always a space for anyone in this growing technical field, but have to try and think something differently from usual ways. That’s why Google has come out as the real giant by overtaking some other short – term searching giants.