Larry Page denies Googles involvement in NSA PRISM program

We recently heard about new step of National Security Agency’s private program called PRIM. NSA used this program to monitor private web data. It is reported that tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, Skype and drop box joined in this program. But today Larry Page denies Googles involvement in NSA PRISM

Googles involvement in NSA PRISMAccording to PRISM program the NSA have right to aces the private servers of tech companies. This is wants to monitor the visiting of US websites by foreigners. Also it works same for American Citizens. The aim of PRISM program is to provide string cyber security. Bu the news of the agency’s privilege to access data centers of tech companies makes a doubt on the users who used the services from those Companies. But Google denies it’s involvement in PRISM  through the official blog post.

 Googles involvement in NSA PRISM

The Google CEO Larry Page himself is informed his news through the blog post. According to him Google not at all join with the PRISM program. Also no one have right to access the data centers of Google other than them. Larry Page informed this news is to ensure the users the security within the Google services.

“First we have not joined the any program that would give the US Government – or any other Government – direct access to our servers. Indeed the US Government doesn’t have direct access or backdoor to information stored in our data centers. We provide the user data to Government only in accordance with the law” Larry Page said.

He also added in the blog post that they understand very well that US and any other Government have to take right action to protect the citizens. This sometimes needs the surveillance. But the secrecy of a tech company they have to keep all-time can’t be changed.

If the security agency has right access for the data centers of such top the companies then they can monitor any kind of communication. Sometimes it is good to be providing such a security system by the agencies to ensure strong security. But also they have to think about the secrecy system of tech companies that they have to maintain for all time.