Google’s Brazil Independence Day 2006 doodle with flag

Brazil Independence Day is celebrated on 7th September. Brazil Independence Day is also celebrated as National Day in which Brazil is declared as independent. Brazil National Day is also called as Sete de Setembro .

Google's Brazil Independence Day 2006 doodle
Google’s Brazil Independence Day 2006 doodle (September 7, 2006)

On the occasion Brazil Independence Day Google released a simple doodle on 7th September. Google’s Brazil Independence Day 2006 doodle, contained a flying flag of Brazil. Brazil Independence Day is also observed in New York, Deerfield Beach, Florida, Toronto, London, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Brazil Independence History

The start independence struggle was from  1808 when the French troop conquered the Portugal. Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte leaded the French troop. After this unexpected attack the Portuguese court is initially transferred from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro for the sake of safety.

During the time Brazil was the colony of Portugal. So as the safety is a big concern ,the Portugal court transferred to colonial Brazil. After this, the Prince Regent John VI elevated Brazil to the rank of kingdom. Thus he generated the United Kingdom of Portugal thus the administrative power of country.

Portugal revolution was evolved in Portugal in 1820. This forced the royal family settled in Brazil to return to Portugal. But John VI’s heir and prince of Brazil, Pedro I remained in Brazil.

The Portuguese Assembly decided that return heir prince to Portugal and to rmove all administrative power from Brazil and to return to colonial state in 1821. But the prince Pedro didn’t make a positive approach towards the demand of Portugal assembly on January 9, 1822. Later the day in which Pedro refused to go to Portugal is known as Stand Day (Dia do Fico).

On 1882, September 2 when Prince Pedro was in Sao Paulo, the new decree with the demands of Lisbon reached in Rio de Janeiro. At this time the advisory letter to proclaim for Brazil’s Independence is send by the acting princess Maria Leopoldina to her husband. So then after the long 322 years of colonial ruling of Portugal over Brazil, he declared the independence of Brazil.

Brazil Independence Day Parade
Brazil Independence Day Parade [Image Credit :]
As like any Independence Day celebration Brazil Independence Day is celebrated with patriotic display like parades and concerts.

As we can see in Google’s Brazil Independence Day 2006 Google doodle , national flag has got great value in Brazil. In all the programs of the national day people use National flag as the symbol of respect.