Google’s 9th Birthday Google Doodle

Google 9th Birthday doodle was published on the homepage on 27th September 2007. It was the 9th Birthday of Google. Google doodle is the best way by which Google make the world realize the specialty of a day.

Google’s 9th Birthday Google Doodle
Google’s 9th Birthday (September 27, 2007)

Birthday doodle of Google was similarly good and attractive as all other doodles that used to be in the homepage of Google on special days like birthdays of eminent personalities, day to honor nation and special festivals all around the world. In Google’s 9th Birthday Google Doodle to share the happiness of the day they have included colorful candies, pinata and replaced letter ‘g’ with numeral ‘9’ to show the age of Google.

Google, the search giant was born in the year 1998. In the journey of nine years they contributed many gifts to the world. The founders Larry Page and Sergy Brin has got a great hand in making Google what we see today.

Can you imagine a world without services and products from Google now? The answer will be absolutely no. There is no area in the present world without a Google application. Today from children to elders everyone use Google services.

Beginning as a project by Larry Page and Sergy Brin Google had a great successful journey of 9 years when this doodle was appeared in the home page of Google. With this small time Google have shown the strength in the areas they have entered.

Among the services provided from Google it’s the Google search that is best and useful for common man. It is the only site which has got vast database. Mentioning about Google services and product one can’t go without talking about their open source mobile operating system Android.

Happy Birthday Google
Happy Birthday Google
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Android operating system by Google gave a new turn over to the world of smartphones and tablets. Now almost 3/4th of the smartphone market is in the Android. It has changed the entire look of world mobile market with in few years after the introduction. Now almost all leading mobile brands are using Android as the platform for their products.

Their social networking service Google plus, Gmail, YouTube are also popular now. The main advantage of Google services and applications are their user friendliness and error free nature. The innovative services that are produced from Google makes it the best in the world.

Google always have tried to make their customers happy by providing what they want in advance. We have seen many products from Google which makes us realize that Google can make what man think impossible as possible. In the future years also we can such innovative products from the search giant.