Google’s 16th Birthday marked with Doodle on September 27

Search giant became 16 today. To mark the 16th birth anniversary of Google, a doodle landed on homepage globally. It’s in 1998, Google started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Google's 16th Birthday Doodle on 27 September
Google’s 16th Birthday Doodle on 27 September

In this special birthday doodle for Google, you can see alphabet ‘G’ with a cap marking height of ‘o’ and ‘l’.Added animation to the doodle makes it birthday special.Clicking Google logo,  takes to Google’s search page for ‘Google’. Last year for the 15th birthday of Google there came a Pinata doodle. Millions of Google users played the pinata game online.

Google's 16th Birthday Doodle(September 27, 2014)
Google’s 16th Birthday Doodle(September 27, 2014)

Is Google’s 16th Birthday on 27 September 2014?

There is always confusion for users about the actual birthday of Google. Is that September 8 or September 27.In initial years Google celebrated Birthday on  September 8th. When it came 2002, Google presented Birthday Doodle on 27th September. Then in very next year it was on 8th September and the following year on 7th September published Google’s birthday Doodle.

September 7th is mentioned as the date of Incorporation by Google, but its also mention as September 4th in Google’s own pages. It was in 2005, Google started celebrating birthday on September 27. Selection of the day was to make it coincide with record indexing of pages. Now, it seems Google have settled with the date to celebrate on 27 September.

So,Google is sweet sixteen today. Starting the journey in 1998, Google Inc have reached great heights.Meeting of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, co founders of Google at Stanford University was the beginning of Google’s history. It was in 1995 they met and by 1996 Back Rub , the search engine was developed. Later in 1998, Google was launched.

Now, with headquarters at Mountain View, California Google have branches and products launched all over the world. Today’s Google Doodle writes Google’s 16th Birthday, hovering mouse over it. Happy Birthday Google.