Google’s 15th Birthday doodle on 27th September 2013

Google’s 15th Birthday doodle decorated homepage globally on 27th September 2013. 15th birthday Doodle of Google indicate the successful service from the Company since 1998.

Google's 15th Birthday doodle
Google’s 15th Birthday doodle (September 27, 2013)

Within Google’s 15th Birthday doodle you can enjoy pinata game. Pinata is a nine pointed start made of cloth or pottery which is filled with toys or candies, broken as a part of celebration mainly found in  Mexico. Google included pinata as a game within it’s 15th anniversary Google Doodle.

Google’s 15th Birthday doodle : celebration and fun

Before you hit with the play button you can see Google included a 15th birthday cake with canter of Google logo, replaced by latter ‘O’. Once you click the play button within Google’s 15th Birthday doodle, the birthday cake get vanished, pinata game gets ready for you.

larry page and sergey brin
larry page and sergey brin
[image courtesy : flickr]
As within real pinata celebration you have to hit the pinata star with the stick. For this Google brings you the letter ‘G’ in a animated style and tighten it’s  eyes with a cloth. Google allows 10 chances for you to hit the pinata star, you can see 10 stick within 15th birthday Doodle of Google. According to the impulse you made with hot to pinata star Google brings you candies.

You can see the number of candies you have earn through pinata game from Google. So the 15th birthday Doodle from Google brings fun and open pinata celebration in United States.

Google have published birthday doodles since 2002. Every doodle included ingredients to share the happiness of the birth anniversary of search giant. Cake, candles, confetti, balloons and candy’s create a party mood in the doodles for Google’s Birthday.

15 year back, it was in 1998, Google got its birth. Larry page and Sergey Brin were the brain behind the Google Inc. Though they started work for search engine in 1996, the BackRub,  new name and form was given to Google in 1998.

Google got it’s name after making some variations in the word Googol, which means the number with one followed by 100 zero’s. History of Google points to drastic growth that they attained since beginning. Google Inc have travelled long distance from the point it began. Now search services, advertisements, software and hardware product, every where we can see the hand of Google. Google provide services required by small children to adults and business man.