Google with its Open Source Full Desktop OS!!!

Within few years after the official release Google android dominated in the filed, then what in case of Google desktop OS. Here is an over view on Google with its Open Source Full Desktop OS.

It was in the year 2005 Google came up with its open source mobile operating system Android. It broke the records of all other OS by its wide acceptance and usage. The report says that there are more than 700000 apps available in Android with 500 million devices activated in the platform till 2012. Entering in to 2013 we can expect much more advancement and interesting applications from the developers.

Google’s rumored complete desktop OS which makes all our offline and online applications with our PC’s faster and easy in not far. We can expect an announcement at any time from Google. If Google’s open source complete desktop OS becomes a reality, it’s sure that it will be the beginning of a new technical era.  I am expecting an OS which combines all the facilities and application available in the Android and Chrome OS. I think a fusion of this makes everything possible. The realization of this makes Google to reach top of the world.

 Key features expected from the new Google OS are

  • Outstanding User Interface
  • Customizable applications
  • Open Source OS
  • Direct interaction including touch interface
  • Simple, fast and easy access of web based application