Get feedbacks of your site with Google website satisfaction survey

The search giant Google always stands as a perfect guide for all webmaster by providing effective guidelines. It is very important to analyze the feedback from the visitors of a particular site for its growth. Now you can get feedbacks of your site with Google website satisfaction survey.

Google website satisfaction surveyEven though one who is a master in creating and providing great service through a website  have to know the visitors mind  to take a perfect move. This is  to understand that what the webmaster must do and what all things to be avoid. The Google website satisfaction survey allows the webmaster to collect feedback from the visitors in an effective way.

Now this tool is limited to US visitors only. This new webmaster tool from Google allows the site owners to get a right track on their websites and can take right action for the improvement.

How to add Google website satisfaction survey

  • Sign into Google consumer survey site.
  • You will get the code snippet of this tool.
  • Copy and paste the code within the code snippet of your website.
  • You have to enter the name and URL of your website within the survey settings.
  • Specify the first survey time at your wish. It’s used to set number of page views the user have to see before the survey.
  • Set survey frequency, it’s used to set for the view of next survey by the user after desired number of page views.
  • Then click on active survey button.Google consumer survey report

Once you activate the website satisfaction surveys within your websites you will see satisfaction survey within the lower right corner of your websites. The survey includes the questions as:

  • How satisfied are you with this website?
  • Do you find anything frustrating or unappealing about this website?
  • What is your main reason for visiting this website today?
  • Did you successfully complete the main reason for visiting this website today?

These are default questions that can be found within the website satisfaction survey from Google. The site owners can also make customizable questions. It demands $0.01 for each or $5 for 500 responses. The survey tool will runs up to the catching of 500 responses and it will restart the survey after 30 days of initial run. The Google online interface will automatically analyze the survey and gives back the report. This helps the webmasters to keep the right track of the website.