Use any debit or credit card with Google wallet

Google wallet is an application that turns your Smartphone as your wallet. It is a cloud based system from Google which will support all debit and credit cards from visa, master cards, American expressed discover. So with Google mobile wallet we can make payment at shopping centers via online. That is you can make pay with phone.

google walletGoogle mobile wallet application uses NFC to make the transaction processes. It is support within NFC compatible android Smartphones.To make payment you just tap your phone to payment receiver. This Google service can be activated easily by few steps.You must have NFC compatible android phone with this mobile wallet application installed in it. The next thing you have to made is activation of the card . The user have to provide his account number type of card and another relevant information. Google verify it with Card Company to verify data. You will inform the confirmation via e- mail. To make transaction the first thing you have to do is open your Google wallet application and tap you phone with payment receiver.

How to active Google Wallet

  • Install Google Wallet application from Google Play.
  • Active your card through submitting card number and other relevant informations.
  • To make transaction open application and tap phone to the payment receiver.

While connecting to receiver via NFC you can make your payment. Another thing you have to consider is the card you chosen is must accepted by the store you are at. The user can make transaction when the application is kept on and NFC is being activated. When the cell is kept off and screen is dark the NFC does not work. To make transaction not only you have to make active NFC but also make sure application is under open condition. The mobile wallet application can open only by your digital pin. This will show up the high positional Security on the application.

You can choose the Google Wallet service to purchase applications and other things from online such as Google play, chrome store, Google offers and YouTube. Pay with mobile phone becomes a effective service that allows you to make a secured transfer.