Google voice search support 13 new languages

Web searching can be done in many ways by phrases images and voice. Even if there are ways to destination we choose   the shortest path or through which way we get it faster. So when we come into subject of fastest search method we choose voice search at the very next second. Today Google voice search added 13 new languages.

google voice searchGoogle voice search application available for android, iPhone, iPad and Windows 8. As not everyone can speak universal language English it can’t be taken as unique language for voice search. Google teams add as many languages as they can. Voice search is available in 29 different languages and today it is extended to 42 by adding 13 new languages. Google voice available across 46 nations across the globe. Also the users added up to 100 million.

Newly added languages within Google Voice search 

  • Basque
  • Swedish
  • Slovak
  • Serbian
  • Romanian
  • Norwegian
  • Icelandic
  • Hungarian
  • Galician
  • Finnish
  • European portugeze
  • Catalan
  • Bulgarian

It is quite challenging task for Google team to work up with speech reorganization. Both the language and it’s pronunciation should care for this project. There is great handwork behind this   project. The teams learn the words and pronunciation from natives. Google also try to add as many languages to this service in coming months.

All latest android phones are updated with this application. If your pronunciation is correct then you can made your search more feasible than you can imagine.With Google voice search you can make the searches while you are doing some other works. So that you can make browsing without having tensed about spelling or time. Responding by Google in same voice mode also make real life communication experience to you.

Google voice search is powered by Google’s knowledge graph database. The vast collection of words by knowledge graph helps the users to exactly what he want. Also Google’s mission of organizing word information and make it accessible for everyone touch at it’s perfection through this kind of service.