Google turns to 14th anniversary

It has been 14 year since a project of two Stanford university students Larry page and Sergey Brin that changes the entire web world for ever – The Google. It is the most trusted and successful company of the world. Today Google turns to 14th anniversary.

Google turns to 14th anniversary

Google was found by Larry page and Sergey brin in 1998 when they are doing their PhD in Stanford University. From there the company shows us a rapid growth and now it is became the one language of the world. The focus on users makes the Google the best.

By we telling about Google the very first thing that coming to our mind are the search engine. Google is an ideal search engine that can even think about what you looking up for and gives out exactly what you want. It has a great sense that can even understand your misspelled queries and show up the results at very next moment. The knowledge graph of Google contains billions of objects and facts. So the results are becomes so perfect.

The most significant service of Google is its mobile operating system- Android. It is the most popular and widely used OS ever. Android holds more than 67 percentage of total mobile market. Android is designed as an open source so any one can take over and made is more customizable. World’s popular manufactures like Samsung HTC and Motorola are widely used Android as their base OS. It is the most flexible and faster mobile OS till exits and more than 500 million android devices are sold over in a short time.

Google allow us to explore the entire world by its dominant web mapping service Google maps. The turn by turn direction route planning’s satellite images street view and ocean images are seen at its perfection only in G map service.

Google always want to make our day to day life easier. This focus is the base behind the discovery of Google glass and self driving cars. Google glass is the most futuristic product of the tech giant with which we can do all things on web just by movements of our eyeballs without interrupting what we do. The self driving car system from Google provides most comfort and secured travelling in any case. Millions of publishers and advertisers using Google ad words and ad sense to deliver ad contents and promote their products.

The services provides by Google is not shortened by these. It also provides services such as Gmail Picasa Google+ calendar YouTube which are stands as the dominant services of the world. At this fourteenth anniversary the Google reaches the top of tech world by making remarkable mile stones. The focus on users and simplicity rather than financial goals makes the Google an ideal company. As their motto ‘you can make money without doing evil’ the hard work makes them the perfect.