Google translate now available for 70 languages in total

Mastering of whole languages in the world becomes so difficult task for any human. Google translate helps to knows many languages in one click. Google translate now available for 70 languages in total. They add 5 more languages today to Google translate.

Google translate now available for 70 languages in totalInternet is became the world for the people of 21st century. The different contents available in the web is differs by languages. Sometimes it is seems to be important to know the language to unknown to us. In such a situation the language translating service from Google help a lot for us. From today we can translate five more languages and it is turns 70 languages in total.

The additional languages now available in Google translate are the followings

  • Bosnian – It is the official language spoken within the country Bosnia. Bosnian is also turns to common language for diaspora communities.
  • Marathi – It is one of the most popular languages in India. More than 73 million Indian used this language. Marathi is the 19th most spoken languages in the world. It is mainly used in the state of Maharashtra, India.
  • Cebuano – It is the popular language of Philippines. More than 20 million people used this language in the Nation. It is the widely used language in Bisayan sub-group.
  • Javanese – It is the most popular local language in Indonesia. More than 83 million people use this language. The people of central and eastern part of Indonesia mainly used this language. More than 30% of total population of Indonesian people uses this language.
  • Hmong – It is one of the languages uses on different countries such as China, Vietnam, Yunnan, Thailand, Laos and Some part of America. More than 3 million people use this language.

You can use this service in web and through iOS and android devices. It is very helpful in creating mails and messages. It is widely used in Gmail. It is also became effective tool to understand the web contents that are written in other languages. According to Google ‘more than 70 of world languages in the blink of an eye’ with its language translating tool.

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