Google To Fix Internet Vulnerabilities With Top Security Researchers

In April 2014 all popular websites affected by massive internet bug known as heartbleed. As Google very much concern about privacy of users they made SSL encryption by default for Gmail, Google Drive, Google search and between it’s data centers. Today Google announced about new security project known as project zero, a team of top security researchers from around the globe to find out and fix internet vulnerabilities.

google to fix internet vulnerabilities with project zero

First of all the new security project from Google named after ‘zero-day’ attack, a particular threat targeting a software that is previously unknown. Through this project Google want everyone to use internet services without having affected by various threats. Other than Google services project-zero team focus for entire web to finding out massive threat that break internet privacy.

Every vulnerabilities discovered by security researchers will be filed on an external database of Google. They will also report about each bug to head of software in real time. They will make public report about a particular bug when a patch becomes available. So that users get right idea about when to make changes to access a particular service without losing their privacy.

Image Credit : Flickr