Google – The heavenly work place

Google was found by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 September. Now the company became the most successive tech company across the globe. Behind every success there will be continuous hard work and a unchanged vision. We can said Google – The heavenly work place.

google - the heavenly work place

Google’s mission Statement is to “you can make money without doing evil” and work should be challenging and challenging should be fun “. The searching giant at each seconds try to organize the world’s information and make that information to universally useful to all human being.

The youngsters of this tech world hardly believe that Google companyis the ideal place to work. They makes peaceful and high energetically environment for workplace. The company always recruits brightest mind at tech. The work place have a heavenly environment for every employees there are innovation boards cafeterias workout place healthcare all that a human wants. They encourages the employees many ways. The employees at company can spend some of their work time to work on their interested projects. So that at each time Google company can take out new amazing products.

Google company offices are spread all over across the world and every offices are enriched with engineers and IT professionals. Google engineers are professionally skilled in java programming and c++ also they are good at web designing. IT graduates are go for system administration panel and for help desk Technicians. The Company always give opportunities for students for part-time or full time projects. The company spends time and money to make for ideal employees. The workers at Google gets various facilities.

Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin met at Stanford University in 1995
  • Every employees and their family get healthcare facilities also at work site.
  • Child care center
  • Technical support center
  • At every floor there will be private cabin
  • Employees can eat a vast range of food and drink
  • Fuel efficient vehicles
  • Dry cleaning centers
  • Innovation boards
  • Swimming spas

Now the high ranked tech company rises offer for spouses of dead Google employee that they get half of salary of that employee for 10 years. Google always love the work and ideal workers that is why the industry became the heavenly work place.