Google Swiss National Day 2005 doodle

Google came up with an official doodle on the Swiss National Day of 2005. Doodle’s design did not include much decoration other than the inclusion of the symbol in the Swiss national flag.

Google Swiss National Day 2005 doodle
Swiss National Day 2005(August 1, 2005)

It is to show the respect for the soldiers who fought for freedom in Switzerland the national Day is observed on August 1st of every year. The day is observed with many special ceremonies and observances. Swiss federal charter establishment was the base for the celebration of Swiss National Day. Federal Charter was signed in Switzerland in the year 1921. This was an important incident which changed the entire outlook of the country.

Signing of the federal charter made a great change in the principles and ideologies prevailed in Switzerland. Federal charter included a number of pacts to attest territories. Swiss National Day is a national holiday in Switzerland.

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Switzerland is situated between the Swiss Plateau and Alps Jura. It’s this rare placement makes the country blessed with cool and fresh climate. The biggest water fall Rhine’s is a part of this country.  St Galen, Mt Pilatus and Geneva are the other famous places which attracts tourist to Switzerland. We can see many rare art works and paintings in the churches of Switzerland.

The scenic beauty of the country had attracted many poets, artist and writers to land from long before. This made the land give birth to a large variety of art and literature works. On Swiss National Day we can see a variety of programs including musical concerts, parties and dance in all the places mentioned above. The most important specialty of the day is the light arrangement in the biggest water fall Rhine’s. Hundreds of people from all around the world go there to see this beautiful sight on August 1st every year. The largest crowd of the country is seen on this day in the banks of Rhine’s.

As seen in all other countries on their national day in Switzerland also we can see many fireworks, decorations and light arrangements in houses and malls. National Day parade is also seen on streets of Switzerland on this day. Along with the Swiss people Google also shared the message of their national day in their own unique style by this Google Swiss National Day 2005 doodle .Google Doodle in the page conveyed wishes of the day to all Swiss people clearly with this simple design.