Google stock keyboard available on play store

We readily choose for Google service just because of it delivers satisfaction and desired perfection. Now Google stock keyboard available on play store.

Google keyboardKeyboard is one of the most important tools in our computing devices. We can found various types of keyboard within tablets and Smartphones. Google keyboards are something that covered all aspects of the inputting system. From today we also get a chance to experience that service right from play store.

Until Google released it on play store the stock keyboard is only available within the Nexus devices. Google provided this tool to provide the android users the best ever inputting tool. Google keyboard is available for android 4.0 and above versions. Once you get on this keyboard from play store the default keyboard that installed on your device switch to new Google keyboard.

One of the main specifications of Google keyboard is gesture typing. That is you only have to swipe across the words to form a word or sentence. The automatic error correction within this innovative keyboard let you to make the right sentences. We can make completion of paragraph in short time as Google provides automatic word suggestions while we typing in it.

Google keyboard currently enriches with dictionaries of more than 26 languages. In coming months Google will add even more languages. You can also use voice to text feature. That is through your microphone you can make any messages or notes. It is available for all android Smartphones and tablets.

Currently the keyboard is available for English users only. But in short time Google expand the service to other languages also. Upon the usage of its keyboard from play store Google introduce even more feature for it in coming months. As it is available for all android phones surely it gets clicked.Google Keybord features

Key specifications of Google stock keyboard

  • It provides gesture typing with dynamic floating preview. Just swipe over the letters to form words or sentences.
  • Through microphone you can make sentences through the voice.
  • Automatic error correction and next word suggestion.
  • Featured with dictionaries of more than 26 languages.
  • Google keyboard work across all android tablets and Smartphones.