Google Smart Watch plan leaked online

After Apple and Samsung now the search giant Google have also revealed their project plan on the new wearable device, the Smart Watch. Reports from the Final times show off Google Smart Watch plan.

Google Smart Watch

Google Smart Watch

Rumored news says that its Google Android unit working on the project not the X Lab which take charge of Google project glass.  It was Google glass thought to be released by Google this year which is mentioned as the smallest wearable device with all facilities that a smartphone can do for you.

Now news Google smart watch is also getting fire with their new properties which are rumored. Google new wearable product will be having dual screen display and an interactive user interface. Hopefully this wearable device will join the Google Android smartphone line up.

There is a great attraction for people for wearable smart devices. Apple, Samsung and Google is getting ready to compete with each other with these latest wrist devices. If this Google product comes out with the Google glass expectation then there is no doubt Google will be the king in the Smart Watch battle also.

Smart watches are meant for effective support for Smartphones,In such a way Smart watches from Google focused for Nexus 4 and it’s updated models. Google watch let you to attend calls, checking mails and messages, for run small apps. The official confirmation and release date will announce later by Google.