Google Science Fair 2013 registration closed in two days

Google Science Fair online science competition organized by Google, Lego, CERN, National Geographic and Scientific American. It is the perfect platform for the childrens to explore their innovative ideas to the world. So gets ready to join with the contest, Google Science Fair 2013 registration closed in two days.

Google Science Fair 2013The main aim behind the hosting of Google Science Fair is to provide universal access of informations and technology. The event is mainly focused for the childrens who aged between 13 to 18. Through GSF contest they can explore their idea to the world at this younger age.

Google Science Fair 2013 registration

Any students who aged between 13 to 18 can join in this online science competition. The registration is available for free. The students who are younger or older than of specified age criteria won’t permit for the competition. The students can participate in GSF by themselves or by groups. The group members are limited up to 3.

Students from different schools can joined together within a single group for GSF. The only thing you have to need for the registration is one Google account. As everyone have a Google account today it became so easy. The competition is divided into categories such as 13 to 14, 15 to 16 and 17 to 18 according to age vice.

The project submission

After you sign up for GSF 2013 you have to submit your project according to the terms and conditions of the contest. The different things to be remembered while submitting your project are followings

  • An overview on your project, it must be limited within 250 words.
  • A Google presentation of your project which includes minimum 20 slides.
  • An explanation on why you choose that project or that particular topic.
  • Explanation on what you have researched for in that particular project.
  • The method you are going to take for the research.
  • The possible result of your project.
  • Complete information about you and on your group mates.
  • A summary of your observations and findings.
  • Conclusion on projects.
  • Acknowledgement.


The registration and submission of projects will close on 30th April 2013. The judgments will done through different sections. In the first section the judgment will carried out by University professors. They will choose 90 regional finalists. The announcement of the regional finalists will done on 21st May 2013.

The judges will mainly concentrate on areas such as summary, about me, questions and conclusion. In the second section the project topic and goal or project will concentrate by the judges. The finalist will be announced in June 2013. The final judgments will carried out by science luminaries and tech innovators. The top three winners for GSF 2013 will announce in September 2013.

Prizes for the competition

The winners of Google Science Fair 2013 get a Google scholarship worth$50,000. Other than that they will gets a chance to go for a 10 day trip to Galapagos Island and National Geographic expeditions. Also they will get technical guidance from Google, CERN and LOGO. Surely Google Science Fair is a perfect platform for exploring the ideas. With helps of most innovative tech Company like Google childrens can reach on the position to which they dreamt off.

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