Google Russia Day 2007 doodle

The background of Russia Day celebration is the liberation of Russia from the Soviet Union. It was from the year 1992 the Russia Day celebrations begun. At that time Russia Day was known by the nameRussian Independence Day. It was in the year 1990 June 12th Russia declared its independence.

Google Russia Day 2007 doodle
Russia Day 2007(June 12, 2007)

Google included the images of firework in the doodle published in the Russian homepage on June 12th. It’s to wish all Russian the happiness of the Google Russia Day 2007 doodle included this special image in it. With conveying the message of the day this images added beauty to the Google doodle. The substitution of Google logo alphabet l with the famous monument of Russia was also a good thought by the designer to make the doodle perfect for the day.

Russia day celebrations marked its beginning in the year 1992. This is two years after the declaration of independence from Soviet Union. It was also the anniversary of the first president election in Russia.

Russia Day is a public holiday in Russia and people observe the day with great patriotism. Programs of the Russia begins in the morning and continues till night. It was in the year 2002 Russia Day got its new name primarily it was known as Russian Independence day. It was after the long discussions and thinking Russia Day got its new name. As this day is given s official holiday most of the public places like banks and schools remains closed on the day.

Russian Flag
Russian Flag[Image Credit]
Celebration of the day starts with parades and continues till night with sports and games competitions. Another specialty of the day is honoring the people who have done something special in science, technology, literature, artistic work and social service with special awards.

Award ceremonies takes place on this day all over the country. Gold medals and silver medals are commonly distributed to honor these special people on Russia Day. The main things used in decorations and seen all around the country on this day is the national flag of Russia and the national emblem of Russia. Russian flag includes blue and red color in it. This color gives a great attraction to it and make the decorations look more beautiful. As is many other countries flag is symbol of national spirit and patriotic love.

Russian people not only celebrate the day with fun and joy they also do some special activities in the day by organizing special march to make aware the need of environmental protection and other social issues. On the anniversary day which mark the beginning of sovereign Russia people gives tribute to those national leaders who fought continuously for the establishment of independent Russia.

Google also took part in the celebrations of Russia Day by releasing this doodle which included the colorful fireworks. In the year 2007 the celebration were more colorful and beautiful than previous years. In many places people gathered together to celebrate the day with friends and family. Most of the public celebrations and functions got an end with the colorful fireworks which decorated the dark sky at night. Altogether the day was very specially celebrated all around Russia with great importance and significance.