Google rolled out animated preview of Google+ videos

Google+ recently introduced GIF supportive profile pictures . Now the search giant all set to make use of the possibilities of bitmap image format. Today Google rolled out animated preview of Google+ videos.

 animated preview of google+ videosThe GIF supported Google+ profile pictures already give off stunning look to each account. Now Google makes available more possibilities from this image format. The animated preview of Google+ videos surely going to be a new trendsetter within this social networking service.

Animated preview of Google+ videos

The new GIF oriented preview of Google+ videos helps the viewers to get a definite idea about the video without having watching it in full length. In such a way the users get a chance to get the message from Google+ videos within no time. Google also announced that this feature will only available for newly uploaded videos. It is thinks to be this feature will be shortly available for YouTube videos also.

It is at Google I/O event 2013 the company officially introduced redesigned Google+. This feature allows the users to mix up number of photos to joined together to form a new one. It can be an animated GIF. This image format actually shows off the endless possibilities of sharing within internet. An animated image can easily catch the attention of anyone than a 15 second stunning video. This is what the Google make use within Google+.