Google recruits futurist Ray Kurzweil

Google always focus on to provide the users best ever service. For that they searching out and add the best technological experts from all over the world. In previous day Google recruits futurist Ray Kurzweil. The artificial intelligent expert appointed as the director of engineering in Google headquarters Mount view California.Google recruits futurist Ray Kurzweil

Google recruits Ray Kurzweil for getting full time attention in machine learning and language processing. The search giant also focused for developing more services that are based on artificial intelligence like Google voice. Also they have charted innovative products like Google glass for coming years. “I am thrilled to be teaming up with Google to work on some of hardest problems in computer science so we can turn the next decade’s unrealistic visions into reality” Kurzweil said after heading in Mount view office.

The main fields in which Ray Kurzweil focused are artificial intelligence, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Text to speech synthesis, Speech recognition…Etc. he is also well known American writer. He wrote many books based on health, Technological singularity, Futurism and artificial intelligence. But rather than the following fields he known for his futuristic thinking on technology. By Forbes magazine he ranked on 8th position in entrepreneurs and described him as the ultimate thinking machine.

Ray Kurzweil born on 12th February 1948 in New York City. Kurzweil learnt the basics of computer science from his uncle who was an engineer at Bell Labs. He also had great passion on science fiction literature from childhood days onwards. Kurzweil had mainly chosen computer based subjects. At the age of fourteen he wrote a program on organic music.  He also developed many types of software at the time of education. He graduated from MIT in Computer science and Literature in 1970.

Ray Kurzweil

After the completion of education he started a company that marketing computer products. He also spent on his time to developing Optical Character Recognition system at that time. The OCR technology became a great gift to the entire technological world because it reduces the effort of scanning. In 1987 he had developed world’s first ever speech recognition program. Later he started a site for students. The site offers computer programs that help to assist advanced art process. He has a great futuristic vision on technology. He wrote many books on his future visions. The age of spiritual machines – the book that unveiled in 1999 by Kurzweil explored the informations on future technologies. He also made a cinema on future technology which was entitled as ‘The singularity is near’.

Ray Kurzweil honored with many awards. He received world’s largest innovation award-MIT Lemelson prize worth $500000. The great futurist also honored with nineteen doctorate awards. In 1999 US Government honored him with National Medal of Technology. His futuristic predictions are became reality in correct time. In 1999 he had predicted people would see self-driving cars and voice search technology in short time. Kurzweil strongly believed that Google is the ever best place for turns his visions into reality. Also he is one of the experts in Artificial Intelligence field. Kurzweil said that he is always found of developing practical systems that makes peoples life better and Google is the best work place for that.