Google project glass global release set for March 2014

The first ever wearable computing device from Google the project glass already attracted the attention of people, available only for developers at this time. As by reports Google project glass global release set for March 2014.Google glass

Sergey Brin the co-founder of Google is the leader at the development of project glass. The idle Google product can do anything which can do with a Smartphone. Sometimes those specifications are more easy be with Google project glass, a wearable glass with endless possibilities. It includes a processor battery camera…Etc. The main feature of Google glass is it allows us to do the online tasks while we are busy with doing other things. The project glass will works through voice commands and by the action of eyes.

The Google project glass runs on android operating system. Voice commands are the basic driven force of this innovative product. It is look like fancy glass that we wore every day. A small display is attached to the right lens of the project glass. When you wear the glass it will makes a virtual screen in front of our eyes ball to showing basic functionalities offered by it, automatically shows off the basic services and weather condition around you within no time.

The most attractive feature of Google is instant photography, allows taking picture as we walking down the street. It can be done with just by a command. Your favorite snaps can be also instantly share with your Google+ account. The integration of Google Maps service allows you to get all transportation schedules walking routes turn by turn directions…Etc. we can get all these services while we are doing other tasks.

Google glass is also featured with Google now service so that all the informations are right within your commands. Google exactly knows that you will always give first preference to connect with your friends. With this small wearable glass you can do hangout with your friends as it has 3G connectivity. So Google glass allows us to connect with our friends all time as anywhere we are. According to the reports Google working on the glass to fix long battery life and other innovative services.

Google glass is completely different platform from that of Smartphone and tablets. It does not support specially written applications. It is mainly meant for to getting informations fastly and to get the online services without interrupting other things you are doing. Google glass turns the users’s view to the technological world through their eyes and allows them to make pictorical communication. Google glass is the perfect working model under augment reality.