Google play – enjoy the entertainment without barriers

Every human want some kind of entertainment for their restless life. But the taste of entertainment is different for everyone also the destination for each entertainment will be different. Today Google introduced updated version of android store known as Google Play. It is also known as Google Play store.

google play The search giant Google brings all your entertainment at one spot. Google play a digital entertainment destination. Every user can enjoy and share their favorite music, videos, books and applications on web and same time on your android phone and tabs. We loss our favorite entertainment collection in some way but Google’s new entertainment venture is entirely cloud base service so that we never loss our data.

It is impressively cool technology and free to use. From Google play you can store 20000 songs more than four lakhs of applications and millions of eBooks also you can rent your favorite movies in HD. So the android market will become a part of this application store. The whole entertainment things you purchased will available for ever through this new service.You simply sign in with your Gmailaccount and go through  playstore and purchased the things at your wish. In this Google store apps included both paid and free one. Once you enter the play store with device connected to your system it will show whether it is a supporting device or not.

The updated  applications within this store let us to sort the reviews so it shows what type of android phone is used by the reviewer. Also those applications provide relevant screenshot, it help the android users to get informed about what changes have comes to that particular application. So if there is any problem with the application you can know about what the problem is. Google play is not just for android users anymore. The website is full of with all entertainments music videos eBooks and movies and applications. It is not a play shop it is a playstore.

unique features of Google Play

  • A unique place for android users to discover apps, music, games, books and more.
  • It is a cloud based service from Google.
  • It can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.
  • It doesn’t demand any storage cost.