Google Play turns to first anniversary

Google play is the unique destination for find out all stuffs for your android device. Today Google play turns to first anniversary of official release.

Google introduced the Google play on March 6, 2013, a digital entertainment destination for your android device. You can find out applications, books, games, songs and much more from the play store for your android device.

The search giant introduced Google Play as the upgraded storage of former android app storage. When it turns to Google Play more stuffs gets added to the zone. It includes music eBooks and games. It is a completely cloud based storage so that your stuffs won’t get loss in any way. In such a way this Google service impresses the people in no time.

Today most of all application downloads are done through Google Play itself. Google’s popular online storage space also consists of more than 20000 songs, world’s largest collections of eBooks and lots of full-HD movies. The most promising features of these stuffs are it is completely under the cloud storage so that you don’t have to worry about the loss of data.

Within one year Google play crosses more than 25 billion downloads. The whole users around the world uniquely access for Google Play to get the stuffs. The contents within Google Play can easily access by simple login within the Google account. On this special occasion Google offer the users entertainment stuffs for low rates. Also Google team officially announced that they bring best ever stuffs for the users in coming years.