Google play hits 25 billion downloads

Google play is a one spot digital entertainment storage place where you can find out all stuffs you wants. It is reformed digital place for android application store. Other than creative android applications it contains your favorite songs videos and games. Now Google play made a remarkable mile stone of 25 billion downloads.Google play hits 25 billion downloads

Android is the most popular and trusted mobile OS ever exists. More than 67 percentage of overall market are owned by Android. So Google started an online storage space of innovative applications for their mobile OS. Later it will reformed as Google play- The one spot for all entertainments. So it is not just for android users only. It contains all your favorite stuffs.

Google play offers cloud storage so that our stuffs will safe for ever. It offers more than 20000 songs videos and movies. All popular games can get from this free play store. Within short time 25 billion downloads are done through Google play. The major section of those downloads are from applications.

Google already had a great achievement of making 500 million active android devices. Apple follows it by 400 million devices. Apple store is also as creative as Google play it contains 700000 applications where Google play have 675000 applications.

Anyone can made purchase from Google play by just login with Gmail account. As it is so simple and source of most efficient stuffs every customers attracted towards it. Google offers cost reductions for applications games and e-books as it made a 25 billion downloads milestone.