Google plans to launch cellular network service

Google plans to launch cellular network service very soon. Google partnered with popular satellite broadcaster DISH networks to make up the service as effective as possible. The service includes both data and voice service.Google plans to launch cellular network service

The new move of Google is showing their aim to expand the ownership among wireless network services. The reason for why they joined with DISH services is that it is one of the globally popular wireless service providers. DISH service is also looking up for a partner like Google to provide the world with most efficient telecom service. The American satellite broadcaster is enriches with most efficient wireless technological experts. They show their dominance in the filed through satellite television and audio programming. Google focused on to provide an idle telecom service other than ownered for a new service.

AT&T and Verizon are most popular telecom service providers today. These telecom companies provides both telephony and data servicess most efficient mobile experts towers and mobile operating systems.

So with the upcoming service Google focused on to deliver idle telephony service. That is a telecom service without fluctuating signals low voice quality loss of service…Etc. Google plans to test the services in selected areas. Shortly it will be available all over across the globe.

In data services Google stands above of all other services with lightning speed internet service called Google fiber. The service promises an internet speed of 1GB/s. it offers an uploading speed of 750MB/s. The core of this service is optical fibers. It is 100 times faster than normal broadband speed. They service will shortly spread across the world to revolutionize the internet world. With Google fiber there is no long waiting for downloading or for uploading, no buffering for our favorite videos, and HD video chatting within one click that is possibilities are never end with this Google service.