Google plans to integrate Google now with chrome browser

Google now aka the information cards from Google released in recent June became widely popular in android, new generation searching cards. Now Google plans to integrate Google now with chrome browser.

Google now- The virtual assistant from tech giant Google is means to make our daily life easier. The information cards that derived in your android phones in accordance with the searched.. Currently it is available only in android 4.1 Jelly bean devices. To expand this advance service Google plans to introduce Google Now through chrome browser. The service updation will be done through chromium, the open source project of Google which is the core of chrome browser. Within short time all new chrome browsers will get Google now updation and it will definitely change the way of searching. It will pop up many Google now cards such as weather, Traffic, Sports, Transportation…Etc.

The core of Google now service is that it can analyze your searches. So that it can detect the tone of our needs. It is also known about the different informations you have provided in many popular Google services. Thereby it forms many cards which are about what you are searching out for most. The service will show up the cards with which we can find out the elements that needed the most. You can also manage those cards according to your wish. Currently Google provide 25 different cards which are tightly integrated to searches. The cards can be also added by the users to make the best use of service.

Your online activities are also analyzed by Google now. It will remind you about your friends birthdays. Also the events you have to attend and main works you have to finish. The future scheduling you have made online will pop up at right time from the service. It is not at all an artificial intelligent service like Google voice. Google now automatically makes competition of your search queries as it can detect your search tone. The integration of Knowledge graph also make out the results more accurate. The service is so advanced than that you think. It makes autosuggestions while you are going to do something. It tightens our relationship with technology. At the same time the ultimate Google strengthen the faith of customers on its services.