Google plans to conduct secret conference on project glass

Google want to make it’s first ever wearable computing device to be a revolutionary product. That’s why they make continuous development within Google Glass. According to the reports Google plans to conduct secret conference on project glass in the last week of January.

Google plans to conduct secret conference on project glassGoogle now decide to keep all news about the project glass in a private zone. So the glass foundry event which is going to be held on next week in New York completely keeps out the Medias. Google allows third party developers for the special event but they fix all attendees to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement.  According to this agreement they can’t reveal anything which they understand from the conference.

The upcoming event will highlight the key specifications of the Google’s wearable computing device. But Google wants to keep these specifications as secret one and to unveil only at the time of official introduction. “All informations provided by Google to participants, as well as their feedbacks are Google’s confidential informations. If participants are legally required to disclose any informations they must tell Google immediately” said Google executive.

According to the deal all videos and images taken from the functions belong to Google alone. The participants can also test the innovative device. But they will prohibit from using their Google+ account. They can test it with a guest account provided by Google. The people who did the pre order for project glass will get regular updation about the product on Google+ account. At the same time Google keeps the secrets as secret.

Project Glass is the first ever wearable computing device from Google. The device consists of a pair of glasses which includes a tiny display in the inner phase of the glass. It makes a virtual display infront of our eyeball. Google glass will works with the voice input and also according to the movement of your head. The Google co-founder Sergey Brin is the head of development team of Google glass.