Google plans Android event on October 29

The widely used mobile operating systems Android is developed by Google Inc and gets released in 2005. Within short time it became globally popular and now more than 65% of mobile OS market is owned by android. Now Google plans Android event on October 29 for future experiments.[updated]Google plans Android event on October 29

Even though there are advanced mobile OS like iOS and windows phone most of the people chooses android because of its compatibility and easiness in customization. There are millions of android devices sold out per day and also hits 25 billion downloads in Google play. Google play became the ultimate destination for all your favorite stuffs like applications games music and videos.

October 29th android event will unveils android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system. Google will also showcase new Nexus 4 Smartphone for the same android event.

The android even titled as ‘The playground is open’ that will held in New York at 10 am. The event will be mainly focused on upcoming products from android such as nexus devices tablets and phones. The event will also show up Google’s futuristic vision on tablet market.

The android event will also rich with the new products unveiling from popular mobile manufactures like Samsung HTC and Motorola. As now there is tight competition from iOS6 and Windows phone 8 Android have to be more advanced. Google thinks to be the event will turn to a new successful era.