Google Personal Finder for Boston explosion crosses 5200 records

All we are disappointed about the news about Boston bomb blast that happened on Monday. Three peoples are died on the spot and many get injured. The search giant Google also provide helping hand for finding out missing ones. Google Personal Finder for Boston explosion crosses 5200 records.

Google Personal Finder for BostonGoogle personal finder is an open based application that helps people to locate the missing ones. They launched this application in the year of 2010 to help the government and authorities in Haiti earthquake. Google activated this effective tool again after the Boston explosion happened recently.

Google Personal Finder for Boston

Within few hours Google gets lots of search phrases for to finding out peoples. It is reported that it crosses 5200 records in short time. This highlights people’s trust on Google. Through Google personal finder you can search for someone, also you can add information about someone.

Google personal finder helps is an open platform web application. So that any developers can makes customization on it and can make it more effective. As it is from Google it is available in more than 40 languages. As Google personal finder completely focused for victims of disasters it will be shortly available on more languages.

Google also provides HTML code of this web application for websites. So that webmasters can embed this code in their sites and can provide the application like a widget. This service is available to public. Anyone can upload and download data from Google personal finder. So Google doesn’t guarantee accuracy on data available on it as it is uploaded by public. Google only provide an interface for that.

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The users who uploaded datas can remove it when it turns to irrelevant. Also other users can report spam if any information is find as complete wrong. Users can also subscribe updates about a particular person. Google will send up to date information to the mail ID you have provided in the service. The information in Google personal finder remains until the expiry date set by uploader. Definitely it is turns to one of the best ever services provided by Google.