Google Palestine get hacked and defaced by native hackers

Recently we had seen that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s profile get hacked by Paletinian IT expert. Today Google Palestine get hacked by the native hackers. Now Google Palestine homepage show off defaced page.

Google Palestine get hackedThe internet search giant Google high level security for all of their services. Upon them the search engine service stands as top in both service and security. It is also became a reason for why hackers target the Google home page. Google Palestine get hacked by the hackers from Palestine itself. Upon the defaced home page of Google the hackers put their code as Cold- Z3ro- HamI3t-Sas-Dr@g.

The hackers who defaced the Google home page also informed that they are from Palestine and they says that they are the best of rest. Hacking Google is not at a simple task. Here the Palestine hackers using DNS poisoning attack. Whereby the particular name server return to attackers IP address or to his system. Within the defaced Google Palestine home page the hackers says as follows

Uncle Google we says hi from Palestine to remember you that county in Google Maps not called Israel, It is called Palestine. #Question : What would happen if we changed the country title of Israel to Palestine in Google Maps. it would be….revolution. So listen to Rihana and be cool

It is thinks to be an error within the Google Maps service in Palestine that provoke the hackers to hack the Google home page of the country. That is why Google Palestine get hacked and they written that Maps service within the country never called as Israel. The Google Maps service in Palestine returns a wrong geographical area whenever make a search from the country. As by report the Google Maps Palestine returns geographical area of Israel upon the search. The ongoing Palestine-Israel conflict also provoke the hackers to deface the Google home page because of the error that found with Google Maps service.